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Thank you for visiting Pigeon Point Glass and Web.  While two separate businesses, the two are related by creativity and somewhat, by client base.


Pigeon Point Glass

NOTE:  While I support the glass industry as much as possible, I am currently NOT creating new work.  The glass side of the business allows me to utilize my imagination in a 3-D environment.  I have been working with glass in some form or another for over ten years.  I started out blowing glass upon a dare with a co-worker.  She never signed up for the class but I Work Imageswent through with it and was forever hooked.  I enjoyed working over a furnace but it involved finding a reliable partner and available studio time.  I found that by working with a torch and on a smaller scale, I could still create perfume bottles, ornament and other decorative items, but could add beads and jewelry to my reperatoire.



Pigeon Point Web

In my web developer role, I help companies realize their goals of creating an online identity that represents who they are and what they do.  I specialize in functional software installations such as shopping carts and other ecommerce solutions and content management systems, which allow users control over their own sites.  This site was created with Joomla - a very versatile and easily customizable content management system.


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